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Culturally Connected Marketing Guidance to Build Your Business.

For less than the cost of procrastination, inconsistency,  and information debilitation, you’ll receive hands-on expert guidance to make your brand show up in real life like you envision it in your head.

Inside Our Community You Will Enjoy

Video & Written Trainings

Learn how to get visible, create brand awareness, generate leads, and make sales.

Group Q & A Sessions

Get direct, personalized feedback and answers to your specific questions and challenges.

Goal Setting Sessions

Set and analyze specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based goals to grow your business.

Content Planning Sessions

Attend guided coworking content planning sessions so you never run out of content again.

KPI & Metric Reviews

Dive deep into your analytics and interpret the results to make well-informed future decisions.

Implementation Sessions

Receive step by step hands on tech assistance to fix or improve what you have already setup.

Hot Seat Sessions

Bring your most confusing problems to your community members to receive objective viewpoints.

Guest Expert Trainings

Beyond marketing, positioning your brand for complete success in every aspect of business.

Mastermind Community

Access our private community forum to socialize and mastermind with other members.

What Founders Have to Say

More On Our Stage-Based Trainings

Stage 0: Fundamentals

This stage is best for you if you do not have a clear idea of exactly where you are struggling and what you need to focus on right now to move forward. In these trainings you will focus on gaining clarity on your brand and developing your marketing strategy.

Stage 1: Attract

This stage is best for you if you are struggling to gain visibility and brand awareness. In these trainings you will learn how to put your brand in front of your target audience.

Stage 2: Nurture

This stage is best for you if you are gaining a lot of brand awareness and visibility but are struggling with moving prospects through the customer journey towards buying. In these trainings, you will learn about how to move your customer along their journey towards making a decision.

Stage 3: Convert

This stage is best for you if you are getting a lot of interest but conversions and sales are low. In these trainings, you will learn about overcoming objections, testing, and conversion rate optimization to improve sales.

Stage 4: Retain

This stage is best for you if you have a high churn rate and you want to increase the lifetime value of your customers and build out additional offerings based on the customers you already have. In these trainings, you will learn how to make more from the customers you already have access to.

Meet Our Founder

Hey boss, I’m Courtnei!

As a startup founder looking to leverage the digital space to grow your brand, it can be extremely overwhelming. I’m here to bring calmness, clarity, and strategy to help you position your brand for success online.

I’m an author, serial entrepreneur, and beloved leader who consistently uses digital marketing to change brands and improve lives around the world so I know how to guide you through taking your brand from where it is to where you envision it to be.

Levels That Meet You Where You Are

Getting My Feet Wet

$ 17 Monthly
  • Stage-based trainings
  • Mastermind community forum

Catching the Drift

$ 47 Monthly
  • Stage-based trainings
  • Mastermind community forum
  • Group Q & A sessions

Peak Performance

$ 97 Monthly
  • Stage-based trainings
  • Mastermind community forum
  • Group Q & A sessions
  • Goal setting sessions
  • Content planning sessions
  • KPI & metric review sessions
  • Implementation sessions
  • Hotseat sessions
  • Guest expert sessions

Answers to Your Questions

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade anytime inside of your account.

The type of business that wants to leverage digital marketing to grow their business. You sell services? Come on. You sell products? Come on. You sell courses or programs? Come on.

Yes, this is perfect! You’ll start with our Stage 0: Fundamentals Trainings.

If you don’t understand what that means, this is not the community for you.

Mondays and Thursdays at 8pm Eastern.

You can cancel anytime inside of your account prior to your next billing date.